Surprising Ways Construction Mats Are Eco-Friendly


Pilates-esercizi-da-fare-a-casaBridge mats are a great way to provide safety for your workers and equipment, but did you know they’re also great for protecting the environment? These mats can replace the need for gravel fill roads as well as cut down on the amount of work required to make an area safe for passage. To learn more about why bridge mats are an eco-friendly safety solution, continue reading below.

Ground and Grass Guardians

In addition to offering your workers and heavy-duty equipment a stable and safe surface area for work and transport, access mats can protect the underlying ground from damage. Heavy machinery can be devastating for soft terrain by itself, but construction-grade mats can lessen the impact by distributing the weight more evenly across the ground. Part of their ground-saving capacity is owed to their design – most construction mats are engineered specifically to minimize the damage done to ecologically sensitive project sites. On top of protecting the ground from heavy equipment like cranes and bulldozers, these mats can also offer protection against intermittent weight such as a traveling vehicle and trailer.

Construction mats are an especially useful solution for work areas that are communal. Fair grounds, golf courses, and sport fields all rely on the state of their grass and foundation for operation and thus reap tremendous benefits from using access mats for any additional construction projects.

Eco-Friendly Material and Design

Bridge mats can be composed of any number of materials and are often made of timbers and other natural composites. Many of them boast imperviousness to rot as well and can be anticipated to maintain integrity with regular maintenance indefinitely. In other words, you can expect these ecologically friendly mats to work for as long as your company needs them, whether it’s for a few weeks, years, or possibly decades.

Because you’re unlikely to ever require replacement mats, the environmental footprint of manufacturing the mats is further reduced with time.

Easy and Quick Returns

Most companies that deal in bridge mat distribution have buyback programs that make it easy to return any mats and recover some of the costs in the purchase. Many companies will buy multiple types of mats, as well, regardless of if you were their original customer or not. The sturdy and enduring nature of the mats allows them to retain their value over time and function in multiple projects before they’re retired from use. In fact, most mats are purchased in used condition and can be difficult to find brand new.

As you can see, bridge mats are an eco-friendly safety solution that can help you run greener projects and keep your carbon costs down.