Financial fitness is when you have surplus money when you are not in debt and also you have enough of savings to sustain you in times of emergency. Being Wealthy on the other hand is having a large amount of money or excess money or valuable assets without the availability of adequate savings. Wealthy people without being financially fit can have some assets or money, but those assets aren’t “liquid”. The Key Difference Let us try to understand the difference between being wealthy and being financially fit with an example. Suppose, you have a luxurious… Read Article →

  No amount of scrupulous planning can prepare an individual for accidents. Natural calamities, theft and home invasions are seldom planned by mother earth and perpetrators. Often, vandals and burglars leave extensive damage in their wake. Possessions are taken, doors are broken during break-ins and expensive works of art can be flicked without a moment’s hesitation on the burglar’s part. Which is why obtaining a home insurance policy for your house is extremely important. If you live in a neighborhood prone to floods, storms and earthquake or your area has recently seen a spike in crime… Read Article →

Outsourcing transcription jobs to a trusted offshore firm help in enhancing growth and revenue generation of a business. It is a beneficial way to simplify transcription requirements. Here are some key benefits of outsourcing an online transcription service provider for your particular transcription needs. What does a transcription service provider do? There are several companies that provide online transcription services in the desired turnaround time. They hold the required certification and training for medical or legal transcription job. Translation services provider can be a professional or a team of experts who focusses on translating content… Read Article →

            Many of you must be appearing for driving test for the first time and therefore it is obvious that you are feeling nervous about it. It is very important that you keep your mind calm. Tell yourself when you get up from your bed you are fine. Before you apply for theory test UK you need to prepare well for the test. So, you must get an idea how the test papers are like. It is necessary that you try to solve few model test papers by keeping a… Read Article →

With the fall of binary options scams, fraudsters everywhere are looking for the next big thing. With the recent success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and countless others, the obvious choice for scammers and investors alike is to seize the reins of this lucrative market as the value is steadily rising. Although investing in cryptocurrency is relatively safe in principle, the untraceable currency has attracted scammers as a new way to swindle money easier than ever. The binary options scams have changed their names and products, but preserved similar methods behind the scenes. Before… Read Article →

Working capital is that cash on hand that is available for the day-to-day running of a business entity. You can either raise this cash from your savings or as a loan from a reputable working institution. No business can run smoothly unless it has a stable supply of these funds. You also need to manage your working capital well so that the business does not face liquidity issues. Some of the factors that affect the working capital include external issues and internal mechanism. You need to understand how all these elements operate so as to… Read Article →

Small businesses may be unable to employ a full-time, high-level CFO for their firm. In situations like this, a specialty financial consulting firm can help you with all of the details such as preparing your taxes, helping with recordkeeping, providing general CPA advice, and offering business financial consulting services. Despite economic changes, a firm that offers small business financial consulting in Chicago, with expert tax evaluation, key business performance analysis, accounting, financial consulting, and primary tax services, can deliver a competitive marketplace advantage. Considering Tax Obligations for Small Business As a business owner, tax considerations… Read Article →

An airplane can get delayed or canceled due to variety of reasons. In some of the cases, when the claim is purely from the side of the airline company, they have this provision of paying monetary compensation to its passengers. Nowadays many of the airplanes have started refusing to pay compensation by claiming extraordinary circumstances. It is a common term that implies “force majeure” i.e., an act of God. It is a tricky phrase that airline uses to refuse the claims of their passengers when they are legally entitled to obtain the compensation. What are… Read Article →

There has been an increase in the e-commerce payment solutions since a last few years. This is due to the shifting of consumers as well as merchants to digital channels of online spending using their mobile and websites. There are several things that you need to consider when selecting the best payment solution for e-commerce. One of these things that customers consider is the safety. The extent of data encryption is critical to making users feel safe and trusted while establishing a relationship with the company. Ease of transaction Ease of transaction is one of… Read Article →

Accounting is essential in any business. It helps in understanding various aspects of the business operations and making informed financial decisions. But reconciling bank accounts on a daily basis can be of a great hustle especially if you are not using the right tools. However, if you got the right information, then this is one of the easiest accounting tasks that you can ever undertake. What you necessarily need to carry out this task include, opening balance of the particular business account, all the banking transactions for that day and the closing balance for the… Read Article →

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