Lighten Your Load Witha Lift Truck

heavy-load-vehicle (1)A portable lift truck, also referred to as a forklift, is a power-driven equipment piece often employed in warehouses and manufacturing processes. Used to elevate and transfer items and materials over short distances, these trucks can make light work of heavy loads and save employees from hefty lifting.


Forklifts may be motorized by hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, liquid propane or other sources. They’re used in a variety of settings for different functions and come in diverse sizes and shapes. Arranged into seven classifications based on terrain, tire type and power source, portable lift trucks are typically the size of a small automobile.They can nonetheless raise and movematerials exceedingthousands of pounds high into the air for hours at a time, all while maintaining an erect position.


While many kindsexist, each performs specific transportation and warehousing tasks. Basic featuresinclude forks, overhead guards, counterweights, frames, masts and load backrests.Materials such as aluminum, steel, magnesium or nylon plastic may be employed in the body, frame, boom and cab. Attachments can be changed depending on the work setting and burden. Common portable lift truck styles include Pump, Dockstocker, Counterbalance, Sideloader, Cherry Picker, Teletruck, Powered Pallet, Three Wheel Counterbalance, Reach and Walkie. A lift table may also lower or raiseweighty items such as pallets, and at times even people. Using a mechanism that resembles scissors with a flat table on top, it can be easily adjusted to suit work needs.


Before they are allowed to control such machinery, operators must complete training courses and pass examinations that are specific to the machinery type. Such courses are typically repeated every three yearsand usuallycover workplace hazards, safety standards, proper operation and vehicle varieties.


Though theessential purposeof these machines is to transport and raisecargo, technological advances have produced more environmentallyfriendly and energy saving portable lift truck options. Many featureimproved mobility and guidance systems that can allow the machinery to operate on its own.Such developmentsmay save on employee effort and mitigate instances of job related injuries by assuming loads that could prove too heavy or risky for workers to move.


There are many different options that can increase efficiency and provide convenient workplace solutions. Success can depend on proper selection and safe operation.The machinery required may vary depending on the material form and weight, environmentand utility needs. Professional manufacturers can assist with analysis and make skilled recommendations that can ultimately provide safe, high performing and long lasting results.