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            As an individual investor or as a company if you are looking for any suitable investment fraud lawyer then you can continue to read further. Since, you may find plenty of lawyers who claim them as investment fraud lawyer, however to identify a really good lawyer from the crowd is not an easy task. Therefore, check the background of the lawyer, look at his terms and conditions and find out how much experience has he in investigating investing fraud cases. We don’t claim this write-up to be an ultimate… Read Article →

The clerkship season is approaching and most of the students are confused whether the clerkship is a right thing for them. It goes without any doubt that the clerkship will add great value to your resume. However, before pursuing it, make sure that you thoroughly understand the job description. By being the law clerk, you will act as the judge’s right hand. You will have to spend several days to research on the legal issues. Moreover, you would have to draft opinions, memorandums and discussions with the judge prior to the case. You would have… Read Article →

Why All The Fuss About Copyright Intellectual Property? Are you wondering about copyright law and what its actually all about? It’s a field of law aimed at protecting creative works such as books, music, photographs, movies, designs, software, etc conceived by artists, photographers, authors, film makers and just about anyone engaged in the creative industry. If that sounds just like you then copyright intellectual property is an asset that you should carefully look into. Copyright law in Australia provides people exclusive rights to sell, distribute or make copies of creative works. If you are a… Read Article →

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