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Financial fitness is when you have surplus money when you are not in debt and also you have enough of savings to sustain you in times of emergency. Being Wealthy on the other hand is having a large amount of money or excess money or valuable assets without the availability of adequate savings. Wealthy people without being financially fit can have some assets or money, but those assets aren’t “liquid”. The Key Difference Let us try to understand the difference between being wealthy and being financially fit with an example. Suppose, you have a luxurious… Read Article →

An insurance is basically a promise of compensation for specific potential losses in exchange for a periodic payment. It requires you have to pay a premium in exchange for a policy that protects your property against any kind of loss, damage, theft, illness, and the likes. Why do you need an Auto Insurance? Driving an auto vehicle without insurance is absolutely a stupid idea. You never know what will happen next. Since auto driving is not free from risks, you will always have to take extra care in ensuring that your vehicle is well insured… Read Article →

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