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Mortgage points are also called as discount points. These points are the fees that are paid directly to loan lender at the time of closing in exchange. Basic reason for which it is done is to get a reduced interest rate. With the help of mortgage points, your monthly payments towards mortgage will become less. There are a few things that you need to consider when going for mortgage points. About Mortgage Points and their significance Mortgage discount points are a pre-payment on mortgage interest.1 mortgage point is equivalent to 1 percent of your total… Read Article →

It’s important to have insurance for a lot of factors in your life: your home, your car, even your own well-being. The reason why is so you can simply have a lifejacket against the worst that life can throw at you, whether it’s natural disasters, an accident on the road, or even a death in the family. However, insurance can cover your business as well, so you and your employees are protected from mishaps and financial dangers in the office. Here’s how Florida business insurance can benefit your business, no matter the size nor the… Read Article →

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