Monthly Archives: November 2017

An airplane can get delayed or canceled due to variety of reasons. In some of the cases, when the claim is purely from the side of the airline company, they have this provision of paying monetary compensation to its passengers. Nowadays many of the airplanes have started refusing to pay compensation by claiming extraordinary circumstances. It is a common term that implies “force majeure” i.e., an act of God. It is a tricky phrase that airline uses to refuse the claims of their passengers when they are legally entitled to obtain the compensation. What are… Read Article →

There has been an increase in the e-commerce payment solutions since a last few years. This is due to the shifting of consumers as well as merchants to digital channels of online spending using their mobile and websites. There are several things that you need to consider when selecting the best payment solution for e-commerce. One of these things that customers consider is the safety. The extent of data encryption is critical to making users feel safe and trusted while establishing a relationship with the company. Ease of transaction Ease of transaction is one of… Read Article →

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